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Monday, 24 June 2013

Margarita Baker - A woman of tremendous value for the municipality of Agios Nikolaos


The Mayor of St. Nicholas Dimitris Kounenakis greeted Mrs. Margarita Baker, who has visited our town for thirty consecutive years.
Mrs Baker has recently lost her husband and it was his wish to have his ashes scattered in an area between Kroustas and Kritsa.

Our Mayor welcomed her warmly and thanked her for showing love to our country.

He said:

"Thank you for the love you have shown in our Municipality. What you have offered to this town is priceless you are the best spokesperson for the area. You are the real ambassadors for us abroad.”

Mrs. Backer who was obviously moved, thanked the Mayor for the words and said she would continue to come in Agios Nikolaos ''as long as she was able to get her legs tucked in the plane'', while her own last wish is to have her ashes sprinkled where her husband's are.

Finally the Mayor awarded her diploma and donated a scrapbook with photos of the area.


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