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Friday, 20 September 2013

Welcome to our new Video Series - "Steps to Success"

Europlan is very excited to present to you the first video in our new Series entitled “Steps to Success”.

Our marketing department has created a series of new videos which we will be presenting to you, each month through our Blog  and the social media sites that we use (facebook, Twitter, Linkedin). These videos will describe how working with Europlan is a “Step” in the right direction. The videos will include such topics as “Project Management Steps” and “Budgeting Steps” etc..  We will also present the videos in 3 languages to try to cater for as many of our international audiences as possible. The videos will be in Greek, English and Russian.

This first video shows the advantages of choosing Europlan as a Constructor. It covers all our superior services and our accomplishments. We hope that you enjoy this new series from Europlan

Social media enables us to be able to communicate directly with you as our audience and friends and this gives us a great opportunity to be able to find out directly from you what you would like to see as services from Europlan. Please utilize this service to give us your opinions and suggestions for ways that we can continually improve our company.
George Gounalakis
Civil Engineer / Project Manager


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