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Friday, 24 January 2014

Cutting The New Year Cake 2014

Last night (23.01.14) all the Europlan team were invited to Molo Cafe by George Gounalakis, Yannis Marinos and Mixalis Chorafas to cut the New Year Cake (Vassilopita) for 2014.
Cutting the Vassilopita is a celebration of wishes for the new year.

Each Vassilopita is baked with a coin or medallion hidden inside which, according to tradition, will bring great good fortune in the new year to the person who gets it, so the cutting is all-important and the focus of great scrutiny! Traditionally, pieces are cut ceremoniously by the head of the household but in our case this year George had the honor. After a short speech from each of the partners wishing us all prosperous year and good luck for the company, George passed out the pieces to all of the team and we waited to see who would be lucky to recieve the coin. The coin or small medallion (flouri, say: floo-REE) is a tradition symbolizing an extra measure of good fortune for whoever gets the piece where it has been hidden during baking. This year the lucky winner was Manolis Bachlitzanakis and we all wish him great fortune for the year ahead.

The annual social gathering is a great chance for all of the team to get together and catch up on the latest news from the office. It was also a great opportunity to meet some of the younger members of the team as a few people brought along their little ones. Instant entertainment!

Happy New Year to all of the team and to all of our friends and colleagues.



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