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Monday, 30 June 2014

Wait… Their Church Sign Said What Now? These Are Hilarious

It’s not all about fire and brimstone for people of faith anymore. Well, not for these guys anyway. Judging by these hilarious houses of worship, the modern road to salvation will have you laughing all the way to the pearly gates.
Apparently the big guy upstairs likes a good pun just as much as the rest of us! Who knew Sunday would be the best day to catch some local comedy?
That’s one way to pack ‘em in the pews!

If You Had 20 Guesses, You Still Would NEVER Guess What This Guy Built With Toothpicks

It took 100,000 toothpicks, 35 years, and at least one moment when he was like “I think I’ll build the most glorious toothpick sculpture of San Francisco ever created,” but Scott Weaver did just that. Cable cars, Lombard Street, the Golden Gate Bridge–if it’s a San Francisco landmark, Weaver crafted a toothpick version of it. All that’s missing is the fog! As if that weren’t enough, the already impressive sculpture is equipped with winding trails for balls to roll through, hence the piece being named “Rolling Through the Bay.”
Check it out!
Watch the video to see Weaver’s work in action.

Awesome! I wonder if he used the mint kind. That would be one fresh-smelling city!

When Recreating Cute Baby Photography Goes Very, Very Wrong… LOL, #4 Is Hysterical.

Photography is much harder than most laymen think… especially when it involves children. You can’t force babies or little kids to do what you want. (It’s hard enough getting adults to do the right thing during photo shoots.)
So when these parents tried to re-create adorable Pinterest photos with their poor, defenseless children? Well, things got pretty hilarious. When these kids grow up, they’ll never forgive their moms and dads.
(But we’re looking at you, moms.)
Lesson learned: don’t carve up a pumpkin and put a baby inside. The little angel will cry. No matter what. Share these hilarious photo fails with others and click below!