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Monday, 6 April 2015

16 Cheap And Cheerful Backyard Ideas To Spruce Up Your Property

Maybe your backyard isn't the most generous in size Or perhaps you think it would look better with expensive decking, or an inground swimming pool. Can't afford it? Never fear, because, as this post will demonstrate, there's lots of ways to spruce up your backyard without forking out a massive amount.
Drill holes in your fence and replace them with marbles. The light will reflect colors into your yard.

The $1.99 drinks caddy for your pool. Find the instructions here.

A tarp hung between two trees with holes cut in it can make for great throwing practice for your kids. Get the instructions here.

Use waterproof rope lining round your garden. You can put it on a timer and it looks lovely.

Use Epsom salts to fertilize plants. Dissolve two tablespoons of salts per gallon of water and substitute for normal water at least once per month. Or, sprinkle salts into the soil before planting seeds.

Fill a milk container with apple juice or sugar water and cut a slit in the side. This will get rid of hornets, bees and wasps.

Use pool noodles to create the set-up for a game of kickball croquet.

Invest in some cheap rainbow fire crystals for your firepit.

Grow sunflowers in a circular shape to make a 'house' for the kids to chill in.

Use cement, cereal boxes and glass stones to make awesome stepping stones for your backyard. Full instructions here.

Upcycle old tree stumps.

Toilet paper makes the best and cheapest seed tape when planting small seeds. Get the instructions for how to space out small seeds using toilet paper here.


Hang mirrors on your fence to make your yard look that much bigger.

Use glow in the dark paint on coat planters for instant, cool night lighting.

A plant called sedum sarmentosum is great as a fast growing cover. In June it sprouts tiny yellow flowers.

Use a waterproof frame full of flat stones as a bed on which to rinse off dirty backyard feet. The stones will feel lovely on your feet!


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