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Monday, 18 May 2015

15 Awesome Ideas For Your Backyard This Summer

Depending on what the weather's like where you live, your backyard may have been tragically underused during the winter. The summer's the time to rectify that and really make good use of your outdoor space. Some of these ideas might seem suited for kids, but they'd be great even if you're just a kid at heart. Besides, there are also some more grown up summer backyard ideas here that will have you cracking out the lawnmower and mocking up some garden party invites. Check them out!
Make a cool teepee to hang out in.

Or a willow den.
Or a sunflower fort.
Use water balloons as pinjatas.
Play Twister… even if you have to improvise! 
Get an in-ground trampoline.
Build a miniature village.
Have a splash pad installed.
Or make your own with a tarp and a hose. Same thing, really!
Turn your shed into a hangout area.

Make a secret pathway.
Construct a transformable sandpit/bench.
Set up a magical garden dining area.
Make a rope course.
Or a rope bridge.
Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy spending time in your backyard this summer!


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