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Friday, 15 May 2015

Toques d’Or 2015: here are the best restaurants in Greece

FUNKY GOURMET PIATO Ultra V Toques d’Or 2015: here are the best restaurants in Greece

The “Toques d’Or”, the most authoritative gastronomic awards in Greece with the hallmark of “Athinorama” and “AlphaGuide”, were presented also this year to the best restaurants in the country, along with the Greek Cuisine Awards, which go to restaurants and tavernas that serve modern and traditional Greek cuisine. Whether you are traveling to Athens or to some other destination in Greece, keep this list to be prepared.


Etrusco 16.5/20 (2 toques) Corfu
Ettore Botrini causes the traditional cuisine of Corfu to evolve, expressing the spirit of famous or not so famous local dishes with unexpected creativity. Kato Korakiana, Corfu, 2661093342
Funky Gourmet 16.5/20 (2 toques) Athens
Dinner at the restaurant of Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nikos Roussos is a sometimes conceptual and sometimes disarmingly minimalist experience, with the pure chare of ingredients in the foreground. No. 13, Paramythias Str. & Salaminos Str., Keramikos, 2105242727
Botrini’s 16/20 (one toque) Athens
A distinctive soloist, Ettore Botrini recomposes the memories of Greek taste in an interesting menu with an inclination to experimenting. No. 24Β, Vasileos Georgiou II, Halandri, 2106857324
Spondi 16/20 (one toque) Athens
The best French restaurant in Greece has had its best year since chef Angelos Lantos took over the reins of the kitchen. No. 5, Pyrronos Str., Pangrati, 2107520658
Varoulko Seaside 16/20 (one toque) Athens
In his new post in Mikrolimano, chef Lefteris Lazarou brings his cuisine to ever higher gastronomic standards and is being awarded a Toque d’Or for 22 years in a row. No. 52, Akti Koumoundourou, Mikrolimano, 2105228400
Bill & Coo 15.5/20 (one toque) Mykonos
The continuous experimentation of young chef Athenagoras Kostakos result in a cuisine of high pretensions that is characterized by innovative creations with bold aesthetics. “Bill & Coo” Hotel, Megali Ammos, Mykonos, 2289026292
F+W by Olivier Campanha 15.5/20 (one toque) Athens
Olivier Campanha, who has been the right-hand man of Pierre Gagnaire, one of the greatest chefs in the world, puts his cards on the table and creates a modern, highly original cuisine. No. 49, Xenokratous Str., Kolonaki, 2107211146
Matsuhisa Athens 15.5/20 (one toque) Athens
Located on a dreamy spot of the Riviera of Attica, Nobu Matsuhisa’s restaurant in Athens reflects the subtle nuances of a fusion philosophy that is famous around the world. Astir Palace” Hotel, No. 40, Apollonos Str., Vouliagmeni, 2108960510
Matsuhisa Mykonos 15.5/20 (one toque) Mykonos
Nobu Matsuhisa and his chefs continue their successful course in the most cosmopolitan island in Greece. “Βelvedere” Hotel, Hora of Mykonos, 2289025122
Tudor Hall 15.5/20 (one toque) Athens
Chef Sotiris Evangelou renews the Greek cuisine with admirable subtlety and excellent technique. “King George” Hotel, No. 3, Vasileos Georgiou Str., Syntagma, 2103330265
Abovo 15/20 (one toque) Athens
Chef Michalis Nournoglou continues to develop his cuisine, presenting new ideas, and promises much for the future. No. 37, Kolokotroni Str., 1st floor, Kefalari, 2108015324
Alfredo’s Grand Dining 15/20 (one toque) Thessaloniki
The personality of chef Apostolos Altanis is reflected in terms of distinctive tastiness in a grand restaurant of Thessaloniki. Regency Casino Thessaloniki, Airport, Thessaloniki, 2310491199
Apocalypsis 15/20 (one toque) Patmos
Chef Dimitris Pamporis expresses, year after year, all his creative energy with impressive results. “Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa” Hotel, Grikos, Patmos, 2247032800
Botrini’s Rodi 15/20 (one toque) Rhodes
In his base in Rhodes, chef Ettore Botrini borrows elements from the local culinary tradition. “Bellevue Suites”, Akti Miaouli & Tilou, Rhodes, 2241075880
Hytra 15/20 (one toque) Athens
The elegant cuisine of chef Tasos Mantis, who used to work as sous chef at “Hof Van Cleve” in Belgium (3 Michelin stars) renews the gastronomic scene of the award winning restaurant. Onassis Cultural Centre, No. 107-109, Syngrou Ave., Neos Kosmos, 2177071118
Koukoumavlos 15/20 (one toque) Santorini
Chef Nikos Pouliassis has made a benchmark of his sui generis cuisine, in Santorini’s best restaurant. Fira, Santorini, 2286023807
Domata 15/20 (one toque) Halkidiki
Chef Chrysanthos Karamolegos, in the most mature period of his career, showcases the Greek character of the dishes that come to your table with balance, fantasy and finesse. “Sani Resort”, Sani, Halkidiki, 2374099465
Old Mill 15/20 (one toque) Crete
The “Old Mill” is one of the few places on the island where you can enjoy one of the most sophisticated versions of modern Cretan cuisine. “Elounda Mare” Hotel, Elounda, Crete, 2841041102
Premiere 15/20 (one toque) Athens
In his fourth year in the restaurant, chef Jean-Charles Metayer makes his presence felt in the city’s gastronomic scene. IntercontinentalHotel, No. 89-93, Syngrou Ave., Neos Kosmos, 2109206000
Selini 15/20 (one toque) Santorini
“Selini” celebrates its 30th birthday and develops its flavours, creating dishes that are a benchmark for the new Greek cuisine. Pyrgos, Santorini, 2286022249
Squirrel 15/20 (one toque) Halkidiki
Chef Vasilis Mouratidis is in charge of the kitchen and presents dishes with bold and, at times, unexpected combinations that respect the rules of haute cuisine. “Danai Beach Resort” Hotel, Nikiti, Halkidiki, 2375022310
Water Restaurant 15/20 (one toque) Halkidiki
Chef Yiannis Parikos relies on the premium quality of the ingredients, which are handled with imagination. “Sani Resort”, Sani, Halkidiki, 2374099531
Funky Gourmet 16.5/20Georgianna Hiliadaki, Nikos Roussos and their team now give their cuisine a clearly Greek colour. No. 13, Paramythias Str. & Salaminos Str., Keramikos, 2105242727
Botrini’s 16/20Chef Ettore Botrini creates a very dynamic, innovative cuisine that is a personal study of the traditional Greek cooking. No. 24Β, Vasileos Georgiou II, Halandri, 2106857324
Varoulko Seaside 16/20An icon like Lefteris Lazarou always creates dishes that are assets of the New Greek Cuisine. No. 52, Akti Koumoundourou, Mikrolimano, 2105228400
Tudor Hall 15.5/20Refinement, harmony and peculiarity set the tone in a cuisine that is a benchmark of contemporary Athenian gastronomy. King George” Hotel, No. 3, Vasileos Georgiou Str., Syntagma, 2103330265
Αleria 14.5/20Harmony, moderation and elegance characterize the culinary proposal of chef Ghikas Xenakis. No. 57, Megalou Alexandrou Str., Metaxourghio, 2105222633
Baku 14.5/20Chef Panayiotis Yiakalis refines the rustic flavours of the Greek tradition with clever ideas and cooking precision. “The Margi” Hotel, No. 11, Litous Str., Vouliagmeni, 2109670924
Vasilainas 14.5/20With very expressive look, chef Renato Mekolli presents an interesting range of modern dishes with Greek colors and fragrances. No. 72, Etolikou Str., Piraeus, 2104612457
Milos Estiatorio 14.5/20The most famous Greek restaurant on earth systematically promotes the idea of fine raw materials and simplicity. Hilton Athens” Hotel, No. 46, Vasilisis Sofias Ave., 2107244400
Papaioannou 14.5/20Excellent ingredients and unsurpassed skill in handling the pan and the grill rank it among the top fish restaurants. No. 42, Akti Koumoundourou, Mikrolimano, 2104225059
Telemachos Βarbeque Club 14.5/20The excellent tenderization of meats such as heavy lamb, ewe and billy goat turns them into stunning delicacies that unexpectedly honour tradition. No. 22, Fragopoulou Str. & M. Botsari Str., Kato Kifissia, 2108076680
Athiri 14/20For yet another year, chef Alexandros Kardasis keeps in touch with tradition in his own beautiful way, adding fruitful dashes of modernity. No. 15, Plateon Str., Keramikos, 2103462983
Iodio 14/20Dishes of extraordinary quality that successfully balance between traditional and modern. No. 119Β, Achilleos Ave., Paleo Faliro, 2109884258
Kritikos 14/20One of the best places for meat eating in Athens: premium quality meats and impeccable grilling technique. No. 49, Eolou Str., Kantza (Pallini), 2106659061
Telemachos Art Grill 14/20Yiorgos and Kostas Tsiligiris take the traditional barbecue house to a new level, in a trim Greek restaurant. No. 19, Fragopoulou Str., Kato Kifissia, 2108074015
Etrusco 16.50/20Ettore Botrini creates an amazing modern Greek repertoire. Kato Korakiana, Corfu, 2661093342
Bill & Coo 15.50/20Chef Athenagoras Kostakos makes constant progress, presenting a highly interesting Greek cuisine. “Bill & Coo” Hotel, Megali Ammos, Mykonos, 2289026292
Αpocalypsis 15/20The creative chef Dimitris Pamporis gives the Greek cuisine the fresh impulse it needs to continue its course through time. “Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa” Hotel, Grikos, Patmos, 2247032800
Selini 15/20Chef Thodoris Papanikolaou professes culinary post-modernism. Pyrgos, Santorini, 2286022249
Lady finger restaurant 14.5/20Chef Yiorgos Venieris stands out for his modern, revolutionary and bold look at classic spacialties. “Andronikos” Hotel, Hora of Mykonos, 2289024231
Mavrikos 14/20The skillful handling of choice materials and the result in point of flavor make a destination of this restaurant in Lindos. Lindos, Rhodes, 2244031232
Μylos 14/20Executive chef Yiannis Kioroglou serves “an intellectual cuisine opposite the volcano”. Santorini, 2286025640
Domata 15/20For years now, chef Chrysanthos Karamolegos gives lessons of cooking simplicity. “Sani Resort”, Sani, Halkidiki, 2374099465
Kontosoros 14.5/20High-level Greek cuisine characterized by a harmonious combination of local products and traditional recipes with the most modern culinary concept. Xino Nero of Florina, 2386081256
Gastrodromio en Olympo 14/20A modern approach to the Greek cuisine with obvious elements of tradition. Litohoro, 2352021300
Clochard 14/20The modern, elegant hall is an expression of the nobility, coziness and charm of the old bourgeois cuisine of Northern Greece. No. 4, Proxenou Koromila, Thessaloniki, 2310239805
Thomas 14/20The cuisine of chef Nikos Paspalis balances harmoniously between tradition and a modern version of the area’s typical dishes. 18th km. of the Amyntaio-Kastoria Road, Sklithro of Florina, 2386031206
Marina 14/20This well-cared-for fish restaurant in Halkidiki is one of the best in Macedonia. Nea Potidaea, Halkidiki, 2373041570
Platia tis Anthoulas 14/20The Kretos family knows very well what local cuisine means, and cares about the quality and, especially, the taste of the food it serves. Kryopigi, Halkidiki, 2374053001
Tasos 14/20Everything revolves around the pan and the grill, which Mrs. Kyriaki Toptzi handles with unparalleled skill. No. 6, Phaethonos Str., Thessaloniki, 2310430523
Old Mill 15/20Executive chef Antonis Petrellis and chef Dimitris Vergakis present a menu of high gastronomic standards. “Elounda Mare” Hotel, Elounda, Crete, 2841041102
Ferryman 14/20The renowned chef Yiannis Baxevanis creates a basically Cretan cuisine, turning each plate into a unique experience. Elounda, 2841041230
Xasteria 14/20The creative touches that executive chef Yiannis Kounalakis adds to classic Cretan and traditional dishes renew the authentic Greek cuisine. “Amirandes” Hotel, Gouves, Iraklion, 2897041103
Chrysostomos 14/20A comprehensive anthology of the most characteristic dishes of the Cretan cuisine, in authentic versions executed with exceptional materials. Chania, 2821057035
Six keys 14/20The young chef Dionysis Zacharopoulos proves his talent, always under the guidance of Yiannis Baxevanis. “Six Keys” Hotel, Kallifteri Beach, Afissos, Pelion, 2423033720


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