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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Trekking with historical identity and value!

PREFECTURE OF HALKIDIKI  HAL2305 Trekking with historical identity and value!

The Mount Athos Area (Halkidiki) is a unique place:
- On the borders of Mount Athos, the only living religious monument in the world, it is a leading pilgrimaging destination with dozens of special routes inside and outside the Holy Community.
- Following in the steps of Persian king Xerxes, who in antiquity crossed with his fleet through the narrowest piece of Athonian land, to conquer Greece, this route is today a point of reference between the East and the West, as the sole Persian footprint in Europe.
- Birthplace of the greatest Greek philosopher, Aristotle, the land welcomes thousands of travellers and intellectuals in its archaeological site of exquisite natural beauty.

PREFECTURE OF HALKIDIKI  HAL1527 Trekking with historical identity and value!

- Motherland of the famous Mademochoria, it has been one of the most economically powerful areas in the Ottoman period,
- a thoroughly alternative natural destination, combining 300 kilometres of coastline with three mountains protected by the European environmental network Natura 2000, it composes an exceptional natural scenery and particular architectural techniques, that shape phenomena and tourist figures hard to find in only one destination!

PREFECTURE OF HALKIDIKI  HAL0626 Trekking with historical identity and value!

Today they are mapped eight (8) of the dozens of special routes. An excellent database has been created for the fans of walking, where each route is connected to an international historical uniqueness:
- Mount Athos and the Byzantine Empire,
- Philosopher Aristotle – tutor to Alexander the Great,
- The Persian wars of antiquity,
- The Ottoman period Mamedochoria.

PREFECTURE OF HALKIDIKI  HAL0821 Trekking with historical identity and value!
This is the difference between walking routes around the world and those in Mount Athos Area: each one takes visitors to different historical eras and creates an immediate contact with the historical evidence and archaeological findings, thus turning walking – apart from a mere nature-loving activity – to a historical tour through monuments and sites with museum value and identity!
So enjoy the trip!

PREFECTURE OF HALKIDIKI HAL6053 Trekking with historical identity and value!

The Complete Guide To: Corfu

DSC05488 The Complete Guide To: Corfu
Mountains, over 200km of coastline and eternal sunshine!!! It’s time to visit this Ionian gem.
Corfu is the second-largest of the Ionian Islands. Corfu has far more to offer than just sun, sea and souvlaki. It is located just west of the Greek mainland and the southern coast of Albania. Shaped like a sickle, with its hollow side facing inwards, the island is about 65 km long and 32 km across at its widest point.
There are 217 km of coast, although anyone will find that the interior has at least as much to offer as the shore. Much of Corfu is mountainous. At 906 m above sea level, its highest peak, Mount Pantokrator, is visible from most places on the island. Mount Pantokrator offers a wonderful view to the rest of the island , that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world!!!
Corfu is the ideal island for everyone, including those who who want to elude busy resorts and avoid the crowds.
Corfu town was a target for several foreign armies in the course of its long history, and the two fortresses which are located in its harbour were built by the Venetians, who ruled the island for four centuries. The Venetian influence continues to give the town an Italian feel till today. From the old fort, or Palaio Frourio (open 8.30am-3pm daily), there is an impressive 360-degree view over the town and the coast beyond it.
DSC05463 The Complete Guide To: Corfu
Just behind the fortress is the Spianada, a legacy of the early 19th century, when the British conquered the island. Running along the Spianada is the Liston, an attractive avenue part-shaded by trees, partly covered by arcades. With its many restaurants and cafes, it is a perfect spot for relaxation and delicious tastes of the Greek cuisine. A few blocks back from the Liston is Corfu Town’s best-known landmark, the dark red bell-tower of Saint Spiridon church. The area all around is a mixture of quiet squares, intriguing alleyways and lively shopping streets.
One of the most dramatic spots on Corfu’s north-west coast is Paleokastritsa, a rocky promontory on the top of which is a ruined castle, the Angelokastro. Paleokastritsa is a rocky, densely wooded headland around which nestle a variety of different beaches and coves. Each beach offers different facilities, with a diving school in Ampelaki, and trips out into the bay on a glass-bottomed boat starting from the little harbour of Alipa.
DSC05499 The Complete Guide To: Corfu
Another fantastic sight in Corfu is the Pontikonisi, a green rock in the middle of the sea, which is the trademark of Corfu. Pontikonisi is visited during the whole summer season with boats starting from opposite the cannon, with frequent departures throughout the day from 9 am to 9 pm. If you happen to be in Corfu on August 6, when the monastery celebrates the Transfiguration, it is definitely worth a visit for pilgrimage.
Corfu’s green nature and crystal clear waters will totally compensate you , since it is not unfairly considered one of the most beautiful islands in Greece.

Text provided by Jessica Erin

Website: http://www.carantee.come-mail:

Πόλεις γεμάτες χρώματα

Πόλεις από όλο τον πλανήτη που είναι γεμάτες χρώματα και μας χαρίζουν μια εντυπωσιακή οπτική.
Τα έντονα χρώματα στα σπίτι είναι μέρος της κουλτούρας και του πολιτισμού για διάφορους λαούς, ενώ άλλοι απλά για λόγους αισθητικής τα χρησιμοποιούν. Σας παρουσιάζουμε γειτονιές γεμάτες χρώματα από διάφορα σημεία του πλανήτη.
Zacatecas, Μεξικό - Πόλεις γεμάτες χρώματα
Kulusk, Γροιλανδία - Πόλεις γεμάτες χρώματα
Cape Town, Νότια Αφρική - Πόλεις γεμάτες χρώματα
St John’s, Καναδάς - Πόλεις γεμάτες χρώματα
Salvador, Βραζιλία - Πόλεις γεμάτες χρώματα
Manarola, Ιταλία - Πόλεις γεμάτες χρώματα
Jodhpur, Ινδία - Πόλεις γεμάτες χρώματα
Punda, Κουρακάο - Πόλεις γεμάτες χρώματα
Guanajuato, Μεξικό - Πόλεις γεμάτες χρώματα
Valparaiso, Χιλή - Πόλεις γεμάτες χρώματα

Περίπατος σε επικίνδυνα μονοπάτια από το National Geographic!

Για κάποιους ένας περίπατος στο δάσος ή η ανάβαση σε έναν λόφο για να θαυμάσουν τη θέα είναι αρκετά για να περάσουν μερικές ώρες στη φύση. Για άλλους όμως η ορειβασία αποτελεί μοναδική εμπειρία ζωής που περιλαμβάνει απότομα βράχια, επικίνδυνα μονοπάτια και διαδρομές που ανεβάζουν την αδρεναλίνη στα ύψη. Για τους τολμηρούς ορειβάτες, λοιπόν, το National Geographic συγκέντρωσε τις 10 καλύτερες ορειβατικές διαδρομές στον κόσμο, σε επικίνδυνα ύψη, ηφαίστεια, απότομα μονοπάτια και άλλα σημεία δύσβατα, που όλα εγγυώνται και με το παραπάνω να αυξήσουν τους παλμούς της καρδιάς…
1. Besseggen Ridge, Jotunheimen National Park, Νορβηγία - Περίπατος σε επικίνδυνα μονοπάτια από το National Geographic!
2. El Caminito del Rey, El Chorro, Ισπανία - Περίπατος σε επικίνδυνα μονοπάτια από το National Geographic!
3. Leukerbad Via Ferrata, Leukerbad, Ελβετία - Περίπατος σε επικίνδυνα μονοπάτια από το National Geographic!
4. Dry Fork Coyote, Γιούτα - Περίπατος σε επικίνδυνα μονοπάτια από το National Geographic!
5. Black Hole of White Canyon, Hanksville, Γιούτα - Περίπατος σε επικίνδυνα μονοπάτια από το National Geographic!
6. Pacaya, Pacaya Volcano National Park, Antigua, Γουατεμάλα - Περίπατος σε επικίνδυνα μονοπάτια από το National Geographic!
7. Huayna Picchu, Machu Picchu, Περού - Περίπατος σε επικίνδυνα μονοπάτια από το National Geographic!
8. Mount Huashan, Huashan National Park, Κίνα - Περίπατος σε επικίνδυνα μονοπάτια από το National Geographic!
9. Lion’s Head, Table Mountain National Park, Νότια Αφρική - Περίπατος σε επικίνδυνα μονοπάτια από το National Geographic!
10. Kakum Canopy Walk, Kakum National Park, Γκάνα - Περίπατος σε επικίνδυνα μονοπάτια από το National Geographic!

Εκπληκτικός τεχνητός υγρότοπος σε αστικό περιβάλλον

Στο αστικό κέντρο της Jinhua, μια πόλη με πληθυσμό πάνω από ένα εκατομμύριο, ένα τελευταίο κομμάτι παρόχθιας γης έμενε ανεκμετάλλευτο. Στη θέση όπου οι ποταμοί Wuyi και Yiwu συγκλίνουν για να σχηματίσουν τον Jinhua ποταμό, αυτός ο υγρότοπος, που ονομάστηκε Yanweizhou (σημαίνει “ουρά του σπουργιτιού”) αποτελεί μια όαση στο αστικό τοπίο αλλά και έναν τόπο διαβίωσης ζώων και φυτών. - Ο εκπληκτικός τεχνητός υγρότοπος Yanweizhou
Το Πάρκο δημιουργήθηκε ως χώρος περιπάτου των κατοίκων, ενώ εστιατόρια, καταστήματα, πολιτιστικοί χώροι αλλά και παιδικές χάρέςσυμπληρώνουν ιδανικά το τοπίο. Οι Αρχές σκέφτηκαν να εκμεταλλευτούν με τον καλύτερο τρόπο την περιοχή και να δημιουργήσουν ένα καταπράσινο τοπίο εντός πόλης προσφέροντας στους κατοίκους έναν ιδανικό χώρο για χαλάρωση στην πόλη αλλά και στα ζώα και τα φυτά ένα ενδιαίτημα. Εδώ κυριαρχούν οι λεύκες και οι καρυδιές, ενώ ερωδιοί βρίσκουν καταφύγιο ανάμεσα στα φυλλώματα και το πράσινο, προσφέροντας μοναδικές εικόνες. - Ο εκπληκτικός τεχνητός υγρότοπος Yanweizhou - Ο εκπληκτικός τεχνητός υγρότοπος Yanweizhou - Ο εκπληκτικός τεχνητός υγρότοπος Yanweizhou - Ο εκπληκτικός τεχνητός υγρότοπος Yanweizhou - Ο εκπληκτικός τεχνητός υγρότοπος Yanweizhou - Ο εκπληκτικός τεχνητός υγρότοπος Yanweizhou - Ο εκπληκτικός τεχνητός υγρότοπος Yanweizhou

Monday, 29 June 2015

Top Ten Destinations To Visit In Greece

SANTORINI view3 Top Ten Destinations To Visit In Greece

With over 1,000 islands blanketing the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Greece is truly breathtakingly beautiful country that offers a countless number of sights and attractions. In this post, we’re going to reveal the top ten destinations to visit in Greece. So the next time you’re yachting around Greece, be sure to check them out.

#10) Oia
Previously known as Apano Meria, Oia is a 7-square-mile settlement on the Greek island of Santorini. It rests high above sea water, offering scenic locations that you have to see to believe.

#9) Athens
We really can’t talk about places to visit in Greece without mentioning its capital, Athens. The city rests at the base of Mt Ymettos, Mt Parnitha and Mt Pendeli, where beautiful countryside and historic landmarks are spread throughout.
Athens Top Ten Destinations To Visit In Greece
#8) Thirasia
Thirasia is a relatively small (9.000 sq. m.) Greek island that many tourist seem to overlook. It features towering mountain ranges and steep cliffs overlooking the Aegean Sea. Thirasia is actually the site of the Minoan eruption: a monstrous volcanic eruption which occurred 3,600 years ago. Although the eruption initially devastating life on the island, it has since rebounded stronger than ever thanks to the ash-rich soil.

#7) Crete
Crete is yet another destination that’s worth visiting on your next Greek yachting trip. It’s one of the larger Greek islands and contains mountains, rivers, gorges, lakes and beaches.

#6) Delphi
Delphi is a historic Greek site that rests at the base of mount Parnassus. Starting in 586 BC, Greek’s top athletes would gather here one every four years to compete in the Pythian games.

#5) Olympia
Olympia is where the world’s first Olympic games were held. Today, visitors can marvel at the remaining temple and ruins from these games. Olympia is located in the western Peloponnese.

SANTORINI Top Ten Destinations To Visit In Greece
#4) Rhodes Town
Home of Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Rhodes Town comes in at number four on our list. Here, tourists come to see the magnificent Citadel of Rhodes.

#3) Meteora
Meteora, which translated into “suspended in air,” is a collection of ancient monasteries built on stone pillars in Central Greece. It’s hard to fathom how exactly such wondrous monasteries were constructed here.

#2) Naxos City
Naxos City is a Greek island town that – according to legend – was home of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. The city features historic landmarks like the Ruins of The Portara, along with pristine beaches.

#1) Mykonos Town
And number one on our list is Mykonos Town. With the nickname “island of the winds,” you can bet there’s plenty to do and see here. Mykonos Town is most known for its bustling nightlife, but it’s also filled with historic landmarks, beaches, countryside and more.

Article by Katie Bauer. An experienced travel writer and editor. Having been a stewardess on private yachts, a crew member for sail races, and a sail maker in New England, she now specializes in yachting destinations. A frequent traveler, she has studied, worked, and volunteered abroad thus bringing a unique perspective to her content.
International Yacht Charter Group

Idyllic Greek Islands You’ve Never Heard Of

Pori beach koufonisia3 Idyllic Greek Islands You’ve Never Heard Of

The beautiful Greek Islands have been popular amongst tourists for many years now. With warm seas, sandy beaches, stunning coastlines and so much culture and history to discover, it is no wonder visitors flock there in their hundreds of thousands each year.
If you want to discover the real country, without the trendy hotels and bar strips, you may have to dig a little deeper and find alternatives to the well known resorts. Fortunately many of the 227 inhabited Islands remain relatively unheard of by the masses. Some may require a certain amount of ‘island hopping’ to get to but all can be accessed by boat or ferry. I have found a few locations that are ideal for exploration, relaxation and experiencing a real taste of this magnificent ancient civilisation.
Schinousa port7 Idyllic Greek Islands You’ve Never Heard Of

Shinousa is a small island that lies to the south of Naxos, part of the Minor Cyclades group of islands. It has a land mass of just 8.5 square kilometres, and its stony landscape is both beautiful and unspoilt. Schinousa has 15 idyllic beaches unaffected by development and a harbour, Mersini, which was once a hideout for pirates.
Schinousa beach Idyllic Greek Islands You’ve Never Heard Of

The locals are friendly and hospitable, and still make their living by traditional means such as fishing and farming. According to the 2011 census, the population count was just 256. However, despite the lack of tourist-based development there are many delightful villas to accommodate visitors and places to sample the traditional cuisine.
Schinousa1 Idyllic Greek Islands You’ve Never Heard Of

This stunning island is a haven, a true escape from civilisation, with quiet beaches and coves, surrounded by crystal clear water. What you will not find here is banks, fuel stations or public transport such as busses or taxis. Because the island is so small, it is easy enough to explore on foot or by bike. You can however take a boat trips to the neighbouring island of Koufonisia if you need to access other facilities, or have a ten-minute leisurely swim to Heralkia. Alternatively you could hire a jetski. The welcoming locals are happy to include tourists in their traditional festival celebrations with music, singing, and plenty of food.
Ikaria Idyllic Greek Islands You’ve Never Heard Of

Ikaria, also spelled Icaria, lies close to the Island of Samos, at the Southern tip of the Aegean group of Islands. Its name is derived from Icarus, who according to Greek mythology, burnt his wings by flying to close to the sun and fell into the sea nearby. This large island is one of only 5 ‘blue zones’ in the world, meaning that the people here live measurably longer lives than most.
Ikaria beach1 Idyllic Greek Islands You’ve Never Heard Of

Ikaria remains unspoiled by tourism and commercialism, with no airport and limited access by ferry. Although it has only a handful of accessible beaches, and the coastline is made up of slightly perilous cliffs, the island is home to a beautiful forest that is teeming with wildlife. Hidden in this paradise are lakes, waterfalls, small traditional villages and ancient monasteries to explore.
Ikaria waterfall1 Idyllic Greek Islands You’ve Never Heard Of
Ikaria’s natural spas, heated by thermal springs, are a secret it has somehow managed to keep from the rest of the world, but attract Greeks in their thousands. There is accommodation available to tourists, as well as a good selection of restaurants, shops and other amenities. Many come to visit the Island to join in with the ‘Saints Day’ celebrations and to indulge in the local wine, fish and traditional music.
Gavdos1 Idyllic Greek Islands You’ve Never Heard Of
Gavdos lies in the most Southerly part of Europe and is neighboured by Crete. This island now lies relatively abandoned, with only around 50 permanent inhabitants, but remains popular with visitors who enjoy hiking through its unspoiled wilderness and admiring the spectacular scenery.
Gavdos hat Idyllic Greek Islands You’ve Never Heard Of
Gavdos is a peaceful haven with stunning beaches, and is steeped in history. During the first Byzantine period the population exceeded 8,000, and evidence of this occupation can still be found in the hidden ruins.
Gavdos beach Idyllic Greek Islands You’ve Never Heard Of
Although many prefer to visit the island for a day trip, as opposed to a long stay, there is accommodation available to tourists and even a supermarket. The inhabitants collect water from rainfall and obtain electricity through generators which are shut down at night, so you can’t be guaranteed a hot shower!
Antikythera Port Idyllic Greek Islands You’ve Never Heard Of
Antikythera may sound familiar. In 1900 the Antikythera Wreck was discovered, containing an ancient mechanical calculator, often described as the first mechanical computer. The discovery of the Antikythera Mechanism brought this tiny island to the attention of the world, and it is a hotbed of archaeological interest.
Antikythera Mechanism1 Idyllic Greek Islands You’ve Never Heard Of
This is also a very important location for migratory birds, and an observatory was set up by the Hellenic Ornithological Society. There are some fantastic historical sites to visit, such as the ancient citadel of Aigyla. Beneath the ancient city is the beach of Xiropotamos and nearby is the temple of Apollo, as well as the Apolytara lighthouse at the southern tip of the island.
Antikythera Sunrise1 Idyllic Greek Islands You’ve Never Heard Of
Located around 18 nautical miles from Crete, Antikythera remains one of the poorest and smallest communities in Greece with less than 50 permanent residents, yet is one of the hidden gems of the world that deserves exploring. Very basic accommodation and facilities are available to visitors.
Koufonisia2 Idyllic Greek Islands You’ve Never Heard Of
The Koufonisia Islands are made up of the upper and lower Koufonisis otherwise known as Kato and Pano, two small islets within the group of the Cyclades Islands, and the archaeologically protected Keros. Because of their outstanding beauty, word is starting to get round amongst travellers who have until now been kept in the dark about this spectacular haven. Kato (lower) Koufonisi has a land mass of only 3.2 km and is practically uninhabited but for a small group of rural houses, a small church built on top of ancient ruins and a picturesque port that provides access to fishermen and tourists. Pano Koufonisi is more densely populated with the most residents of the Cycladic Island group. Most inhabitants still live by traditional means.
kato chiesa2 Idyllic Greek Islands You’ve Never Heard Of
When compared to the population, the Koufonisia fishing fleet it the largest in Greece. However, development in recent years means than tourism is beginning to play a part in the economy. More accommodation, restaurants and activities for visitors are becoming available, yet Pano still maintains it traditional feel and appearance. Tourists can take part in scuba diving, surfing, cave exploration, hiking and investigating the old lighthouses and churches. The beaches are covered with soft golden sand, the sea is clear and blue and the cliffs are brilliant white and uncluttered.
Text by Charlie Holland from DirectLine Holidays