Summer fun come rain or shine

  1. Make washing-up glove puppets - the Minion puppets are our favourites
  2. Make some gloop - (here's how to do it)
  3. Make superhero capes out of t-shirts for dressing up fun
  4. Make a little theatre out of a cereal box
  5. Make a rocketship/car/shop with a large cardboard box
  6. Make your own Hoopla game
  7. Print out and do our handy sensory treasure hunts
  8. Bag some bargains in the local charity shop
  9. 101 ideas for free family fun
  11. Head to a museum (great for rainy days)

  12. Make a book. Buy some scrapbooks and get the kids to write and draw pictures on a theme
  13. Have a 'Just-Because' party and play loads of party games
  14. Browse and stack up on books at your local library - check out their storytelling and craft events
  15. Have a family quiz - make sure there's a small prize to get everyone into the competitive spirit
  16. Make alphabet pebbles - then have fun with spelling
  17. Plant some seeds, like sunflowers
  18. Take the dog for on a walk (or borrow someone else's)
  19. Visit the pet shop and see all the baby animals

  20. Hop on a train and visit a nearby village or town
  21. Make your own instruments and form a band
  22. Make your own playdough
  23. Make your own cloud dough
  24. Skim stones across a pond
  25. 101 ideas for free family fun
  27. Decorate your own washi tape vases. Once they're done, pick some lovely flowers to put in them 
  28. Make snow paint pictures. You can do this all year round!
  29. Make a den - hang sheets from the clothes horse and then snuggle up with books or toys
  30. Make magic salt paintings
  31. Head to a nearby farm or farm park or local fields
  32. Make marble rolling paintings
  33. Get colouring - we've got lots of pictures including holiday scenes for you to print-off and colour
  34. Make magic potions in  saucepan with ingredients from the kitchen cupboards

  35. Make your own petal perfume
  36. Go geocaching and hunt down some treasure
  37. Get on your bike - have a family bike ride
  38. Climb a hill (then roll down it!)
  39. Make sponge water bombs and have a water fight
  40. Make an indoor racing track with masking tape
  41. Kids love Frozen? Make this Elsa wooden spoon doll
  42. Wash the car (you might need to use bribery here!)
  43. Get cooking - find some great recipes for kids here
  44. Head to your local soft play area
  45. Make your own giant paintbrushes. See our step by step guide on how to make them
  46.  Get Styrofoam from food packaging and make prints - use our step by step guide to help you
  47. 101 ideas for free family fun
  49. Have a movie afternoon

  50. Make some wooden spoon puppets
  51. Dig out board games and have an afternoon of family fun
  52. Make a scrapbook using magazine pictures
  53. Make rainbow loom bracelets
  54. Make frisbees and see which flies the furthest
  55. Make paper aeroplanes for a flying challenge

  56. Play Pooh sticks in your local park or woodland 
  57. Have an indoor or outdoor picnic
  58. Put on a frugal fashion show - get the kids to make frugal fashion outfits (frugal living ideas here)
  59. Paint plant pots and then plant tomato seeds
  60. Make a pirate ship using chairs, blankets and pieces of wood. Ahoy, matey!
  61. Make tub boats from junk and set them a-sail
  62. Have a disco - dress up 'rave' style and throw on your favourite tunes

  63. Grab a shoebox and turn it into a mini house
  64. Do some comb painting. It's simple, effective and fun
  65. Play hide-and-seek or sardines
  66. 101 ideas for free family fun
  68. Put on your waterproofs and and jump in puddles
  69. Make a marble run
  70. Play tag/shadow. So simple, so fun
  71. Play Hot Potato. You'll be giggling. Check the rules here
  72. Make cork and button stampers
  73. Play a game of rounders
  74. Make cute decorative tee lights - washi tape at the ready
  75. Feel special for the day - make your own crowns
  76. Make paper plate animals (awwww!)
  77. Makeshaving foam paintings
  78. Make a button tree
  79. Fly a kite if it's a windy day

  80. Make an indoor (or outdoor) obstacle course
  81. Do drawing games - noughts and crosses, hangman etc
  82. Make a movie. Use your phone and watch it later
  83. Make a penny waterfall
  84. Camp in the garden. Such an adventure for littles ones!
  85. 101 ideas for free family fun
  87. Have a book marathon
  88. Make swirly sticks - See how here
  89. Have an indoor treasure hunt
  90. Have a room tidying competition - one of our faves!
  91. Take a walk nearby - use our listings to help you decide
  92. Make your own jewellery with Fimo or Sculpey
  93. Make washi tape dolls - they're simple and easy
  94. Set up some wacky races. Be as inventive as you like!
  95. Have a go at some vegetable prints
  96. Make easy clay bowls. Check our step by step guide
  97. Do some cookie cutter printing
  98. Make some wise old owls out of paper plates
  99. Make some string prints
  100. Have an outdoor tea party
  101. Take a walk at dusk for an evening adventure

  102. Make dolly peg puppets
  103. Do some chalk drawings
  104. Make heart suncatchers. Use our step by step guide
  105. Play balloon ping pong
  106. Take the photo challenge
  107. Spend the day with Gran and Grandad

  108. Make lollipop stick dolls using washi tape
  109. Make a sandbox
  110. Do some indoor bowling
  111. Take an afternoon nap. Zzzzzzzzz!

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