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Monday, 27 July 2015


Economic crisis since 2008 .... banks closed in 2015 .... capital controls ... .but still there is HOPE.  HOPE created when a few months ago we decided to participate - once again - in the competition of the International Property Awards, based in London.
A participation under the adverse conditions that have developed in the construction industry in the country and an involvement which theoretically showed very little hope due to the number of awards that we have received till now. However the International Award judging panel did not have the same Greek mentality and decide to award on excellance regardless of past achievements. They judged the award on the best entries, without prejudice and bias. With this, we looked for the HOPE and it seemed that there is HOPE that can keep us alive and strong to stake out our next goal as a company.
Therefore our company is pleased to announce that once again, for the sixth time, we have achieved an award in the competition by the International Property Awards under the category of “Best Architecture in Greece” for the year 2015. A title which possibly could lead to another “Best in Europe” title if during the award ceremony it is announced that we have received a “Five Star” award and not simply the “Highly Recommended” designation.
Overall our company has received 8 international awards - awards that reflect the quality that we provide, throughout the production process. Awards that really give us hope, give us international recognition and finally give us the opportunity to advertise our country across the length and breadth of the land.

We feel great joy and great happiness. We feel also, immense appreciation and obligation towards our country which we have honored since the first day of our company’s presence and the place that hosts us and inspires us. We hope that we continue to be strong and in return, give the best that we can.
This year the awarded property was constructed in the area of Sissi and it certainly was a huge challenge for all of us to design and construct. We utilized all of the accumulated knowledge of our company in the area of holiday homes which try to minimize the costs and maintenance, which for a normal residence in Greece starts after 3 years. We focused on the importance of protecting the natural environment and trying to create magnificent environmental conditions for those living and for those who have to opportunity to walk in the area. As always we placed great emphasis on detail and we believe that the outcome was exceptional.

Now we believe that we can lift our head, to look to the future with greater optimism, hoping to reopen our own wings. We hope everything we have lived and live in Greece will soon pass.

For Europlan

Sewell Beth
Head of Marketing and Communications



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