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Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Study created by Lefteris Tsikandilakis

The village of Elounda is one of the largest and most famous resorts of Crete. The aim of this architectural study is to radically change the current image of the region, so as to provide a comprehensive set of aesthetic regeneration and meet the needs of the powerful "Brand Name" of the area that each visitor has in mind.
The study area is organized around a central core, the "square - harbour", which consists of three circular terraces at the same level which embrace the existing harbour and simultaneously open towards the island of Spinalonga. In the Southeast, the small square is ideal for organizing events and serving shops, proposed to create a single roof which "opens" to the small pier. At the beginning of the pier there is a kiosk for the guests of the island of Spinalonga, while at the end, they can sit on the specially designed chaise longue.

The area, west of the church, consists of three terraces and the renovation of the bell tower and free access to it is proposed, as it is an observatory with stunning views. In the northern part of the study area a playground has been created, which is bordered by a small wooden observatory and a wooden fence consisting of alternating colored boards. Also proposed is an auditorium that can accommodate a variety of cultural events and ensures uninterrupted viewing of the entire region and the island of Spinalonga. The space beneath the auditorium is ideally used to create an information kiosk, a newsstand and a small café, while the remaining space is used for storage purposes.
On the first terrace of the central core, immediately after the memorial, the visitor encounters a number of organized sheltered tables and chairs which accommodate the existing stores, the bus and taxis stops and two newsstands. In the west, a single roof is proposed to be created to accommodate the existing stores, while planting of greenery will be incorporated on all the proposed roofs. Along the second terrace of the central core, seating surfaces organized circularly will be used, alternating with vertical lighting elements. The proposed cycling routes from Elounda to Plaka and towards the picturesque Upper Elounda also follow the circular arrangement of the central core.

Water jets in the sea define the circular shape of the harbour and continue in an opposite circular array in the northern region towards the island of Spinalonga. Also, to harmonise the existing restaurant "Vritomartes", the creation of a glass shell with running water is proposed, creating the sensation of a waterfall and stressing even more its privileged position in the sea, while the installation of a wind turbine on the roof, planted with greenery, evokes images of the traditional windmills of the prefecture of Lasithi and its production of wind power.
Guests along the way, encounter small events - surprises which are formed into "islands" (circular surfaces) using different materials (sand, glass, pebbles, plants, etc.), which can also host artwork. Also proposed is different seating made of glass and mosaics that create the sense that the seats have been cut from the floor and are “floating on air”. With even more of a "playful" atmosphere, visitors can sit and play with the different levels of a circular seat made of rubber-lined cubes. Finally, the different paths lead to the pier - a balcony where guests can sit and contemplate on chaise longue, enjoying the view of the island of Spinalonga.
The new era in which we live further reinforces the need for appropriation of the shared space in an attempt to lose the imposed individuality which has characterized us in recent years, enhancing our natural environment not only on a practical level but also a picturesque level.



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