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Friday, 30 September 2016

World Championship Cycling Championship ... the speed discipline

 Thursday September 29 held -on the Coastal road of St. Nicholas  the first event of the World Championship Cycling Journalists , o race of 270 meters.
' 40 cyclists participated from various countries of the world and out of competition, four riders from Agios Nikolaos.

Video: Leonidas Klontzas
The dominant figure in the large category (60+ years) - English teacher, Panagiotis Zacharias , who won first place and the gold medal with a time of 14 seconds and 540 mm. "I deal with cycling championship in seven years' said Greek author of parakritika and chaniapost sites prothetontas: "this success was unexpected because I had torn my tendon four months ago and at this stage I have only recover 70% of my power. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow will bring and the timer and will do everything I can to bring another medal. "
In women the lead was taken by the Italian Valentina tanzanius 15 seconds and 699 mm, in the category of men up to 42 years the fastest Briton Neil Pooulton with a time 12 seconds and 996 mm, while in the age 45-59 years excelled the Belgian Erwin De Klerk 13 seconds and 703 mm.
The second and third positions in the four categories received:
Men 19-44 years: 2 nd Miller Sir Werner (Germany) 13 seconds 492 mm, 3 rd Gergo cuffs (Belgium) 13 seconds 704 mm.
Men 45-59 years: 2 nd Daniel Baldini (Italy) 14 seconds 410 mm, 3 rd Chris Anesiadis (Greece) 14 seconds 439 mm
Men 60+ years: 2 nd Roberto Rogan (Italy) 14 seconds 854 mm, 3 rd Hans Jurgen Bazan (Germany) 15 seconds 562 mm.
Women : 2 by Joanna Esmont (Poland) 16 seconds 582 mm, 3 to Tatiana Minenkova 19 seconds 743 mm.

Press conference
Thursday afternoon took place -in "Hermes Hotel" Agios Nikolao- the official press conference of the organization of the 17 th Cycling Journalists World Championship , with speakers George Leventakis charge of the games, the president of the World Cycling Federation of Journalists Walter Rottiers and the mayor St. Nicholas Anthony Zervos.
The president of the World Association of Cycling Journalists Walter Rotiers, praised the municipality of Agios Nikolaos and the director of the race, George Leventakis. "The athletes who participate feel safe because of of careful work done in the design of the tracks, the result of cooperation of the municipal people and members of local cycling Societies of St. Nicholas and Naples," he said, among other things and praised the participation of volunteers in the organization. Addressing to the city's mayor, Antonis Zervos, he promised that in a short time, if he wishes and he will seek to make an even bigger cycling event in Agios Nikolaos.
Mr. Zervos in turn, thanked Walter Rotiers and the director of the race, George Leventakis to conduct this large event Agios Nikolaos stressed that athletes - will not only run to enjoy the race, but also the beauty of the place while carrying the aftermath of this event in their countries by providing visibility to Agios Nikolaos. "I hope that in future the President of the World Association of Cycling Journalists and George Leventakis will want to work with us, that the world of St. Nicholas to enjoy an even bigger cycling event," he said.
For his part the director of racing World Championship, George Leventakis, noted that everything will work perfectly, since the preparation of city leaders is highly successful and invited journalists - cyclists will receive the best hospitality. "
Continued tomorrow with the team time trial
The World Championships, organized by the Municipality of Saint Nicholas, PAODAN, the Region of Crete and the World Association of Cycling Journalists, with production of Sports Tours Hellas, will continue Friday with the group distance clocking 16 km, which will take place 10 teams . The two of them out of competition and in particular the Cycling Clubs Agios Nikolaos and Neapoli.
Europlan was proud to be a sponsor of this gret event.


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