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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

7 Most Pinned Images from Arch2O’s Architecture Board on Pinterest


Among the wide variety of images for rendered or existing projects, available on Arch2O’s Architecture board on Pinterest, we have selected the 7 most pinned images by our readers. So, here they are all gathered in this one article for you to check them out. Now, let’s take a look!
  1. Jimbocho Theater | Nikken Sekkei

This is an exterior shot for an art-oriented project, located on a 300m2 plot in Tokyo, Japan. The project includes within its premises a cinema, story-telling theater, and a performance arena for practice. Its spiky yet accessible exterior is composed of reinforced concrete with minimal thickness, randomly clad in steel.

  1. Brasserie Les Haras | Studio Jouin Manku

The image shows a quite unique staircase surrounded by wooden strips with a brasserie in the background. This was part of a renovation project conducted by studio Jouin Manku for an 18th-century royal stud in the French city, Strasbourg.

  1. Monaco House | McBride Charles Ryan

This is an interior shot of McBride Charles Ryan’s outstanding project, located at Ridgeway Place in Melbourne, Australia. The project includes offices, meeting rooms, café, and a rooftop garden, and it has a footprint of only 102.5 sqm. The image highlights the irregular exterior skin mirrored on the inside inducing a variety between light and shadow.

  1. The Green Dunes Urban Park, Beijing | Girimun Architects

A rendered version of Green Dunes Urban Park manifests the role of the new development, located between two of Beijing’s main routes, as a multi-purpose venue and a lung for the Chinese capital. It shows the eye-catching variety in the layout, instigated by the combination of the green-roofed high rise towers, podiums, multilevel paths, and greenery.
Courtesy of Girimun Architects
  1. Edgar Street Towers | IwamotoScott Architecture

This twisting tower was the result of a study conducted by IwamotoScott on how to transform a 41-acre site, south of Manhattan. The design is aimed to regain the value of Edgar Street as an East-West gateway, linking Washington Street to Greenwich Street. The tower features an environmentally modeled skin and employs fiber optics for natural lighting.
Courtesy of IwamotoScott Architecture
  1. San Berillo Master Plan | Mario Cucinella Architects

This is rendered shot for the masterplan of San Berillo neighborhood in Sicily, Italy. It was developed by Mario Cucinella Architects with aim of rehabilitating the degenerating neighborhood by connecting it to the sea coast. The 4-layered urban development, perforated with green courtyards, is inspired by the Gardens of Babylon.
San Berillo Masterplan – Courtesy of Mario Cucinella
  1. Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center | Diller Scofidio

The image features the Roy and Diana Vaglos education center of Columbia University, a dynamic form composed of folded surfaces. The project is designed by Diller + Renfro and takes ornamenting to a new level befitting the contemporary architecture and the latest technologies.
Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center,Diller Scofidio+Renfro – Photography: Iwan Baan


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