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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Exciting Build - Jacques Poot

Exciting, build!

In the Netherlands buildings are complicated and in Crete they certainly are too. You think the niceties here are looser, but nothing is less true. And also the practical approach of the builders is different than I, Jacques, as a Dutch architect, am used to.

Rooms 3 Feb 2017
The plan for our rooms was well thought out, we thought. Everything that was on paper and was correct. But in practice everything was different. Walls are different than we thought and electricity systems are different than in the Netherlands.  But meanwhile, the quality of the rooms is even higher than we expected: soundproofed rooms, hanging toilets, luxury showers, excellent heating and cooling. Rooms for the whole year!
Rooms 2 Feb 2017
We realized all the more that each country has its own approach, which you have to learn to play with. And especially not be angry or suspicious. 
Here in Crete we head to such a process through mutual trust after years of collaboration and friendship with the company Europlan. 
It gives a warm feeling to know that they will take care of all of it!
Rooms 4 Feb 2017


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