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Friday, 10 February 2017

Gmond International Building | Aedas

Gmond International Building
Gmond International Building is a representative regeneration project of the old town in Shenzhen. The project consists of three main functions including the headquarters for Tellus-Gmond, Grade-5A lettable office spaces and a jewellery trading center. The well-facilitated transport hub brings enormous circulation to the complex generating excellent development potentials.
Courtesy of Aedas
The architectural form of the 200-metre super high-rise drew inspiration from the Chinese traditional totem of ‘bamboo’ which symbolizes prosperity and moral high ground. The ascending podium massing recaptures a growing bamboo, featuring exterior landscaped staircases, public platforms, eco-friendly rooftop gardens and an art center as a jewellery exhibition venue.
Courtesy of Aedas
The podium façade expresses as large bamboo leaves to enclose the commercial component forming an interesting duet with the blooming tower.
Courtesy of Aedas
Project Info
Architects: Aedas
Location: Shenzhen, China
Client: Shenzhen Gmond Investment Holdings
Gross area of the entire development: 60,000 sq m
Director: Andy Wen
Year: 2019
Type: Mixed Use, Office Building, HeadquarterRetail


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