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Friday, 19 May 2017

Dinosaur Theme Park Entrance Building | rimpf ARCHITEKTUR

Dinosaur Theme Park Entrance Building
The primordial cell and its division as the origin of life constitute the allegorized architect’s plan for the entrance building of the theme park. Borrowed from the nature, the process of the mitosis is both, project idea and role model for the filigree construction and shaping, which is in a dialogue with the nature. In this context, bionic borrowings visualize the evolution of life.
Courtesy of rimpf ARCHITEKTUR – Photography: Michael Moser
Through cell division, the primordial cell has been transformed into the constructed, widely remarkable and significant MITOSEUM. As a result, primarily curious expectations are generated for the approaching visitor. The six phases of the mitosis, starting with the interphase, followed by the prophase, the prometaphase, the metaphase, the anaphase, and finally the telophase, were role models for the development of the design idea and can be retrieved within it. Due to its heights and volumes, the “cells” are visible from even a long distance.
Courtesy of rimpf ARCHITEKTUR – Photography: Michael Moser
The structure and color of the translucent shell, made of ETFE-foil, symbolize nature and life. The exceptional significance and the identity-establishing shape contribute to the character of this entrance building as an unique location.
Courtesy of rimpf ARCHITEKTUR – Photography: Michael Moser
The existing topography including the declining terrain is integrated into the staging of the visitor’s approaching. The narrowing access route and the flanking lava rocks create an entrancing path. On this way, the elements of water and earth come alive until it finally leads through the building structure into the dividing cell. Here, the beginning of the theme park with the “Fire Gate” and the “Primordial Soup” is visible through the translucent membrane of the shell.
Courtesy of rimpf ARCHITEKTUR – Photography: Michael Moser
Smooth and organic shapes inside the entrance building support the route guidance and make it intuitive. Therefore, the central foyer including the connected functions ticket office, shop, bistro, and the ancillary rooms is designed as intervening space between the cells. As connector of the different functions, it is derived from the ideal design and effective capability of the nature.
Courtesy of rimpf ARCHITEKTUR – Photography: Michael Moser
The entrance level including bistro, shop, and presentation room is covered with three dome constructions. These domes are light structures and symbolize the “cells“ of the mitosis. The nature creates genius, viable, and aesthetic shapes, which constitute role models for the realized dome membranes. Here, the borrowing of shapes and constructions from the nature are not plagiarisms, but necessary references to enable an intelligent, aesthetically ambitious and economical construction. The interior of the building is flooded with light through the transparent shell. While twilight and the after the connected inversion of light conditions, the cell membranes become luminous landmarks.
Courtesy of rimpf ARCHITEKTUR – Photography: Michael Moser
Project Info
Architects: rimpf ARCHITEKTUR
Location: Bautzen, Germany
Lead Architects: Stefan Rimpf, Manuela Rademacher, Kirsten Diedrichsen
Area: 4700.0 m2
Year: 2017
Type: Park
Photographs: Michael Moser


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