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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

20 years of EUROPLAN - A celebration of our success and achievements

EUROPLAN celebrated its 20th anniversary in AMALTHIA on Saturday night with a corporate event that had it all. Awards, gifts, surprises, emotions, memories, pride for what has been achieved, reference to the vision of the next cycle, songs, music and dancing.

Giorgos Gounalakis, Yannis Marinos and Michalis Chorafas the EUROPLAN owners, opened the ceremony with their recollections of the most important milestones from these 20 years. They highlighted the teams' appetite for work and their constant goal for development which will never dwindle. "We would not have achieved anything in the last 20 years, if it were not for all of you," they said to their working partners, "Europlan is all of us," they added.
The night was special for everyone with moments of memories, plaques and awards, with memories and respect for those who left early and with a gesture from the workers to the owners showing that the "tree" of the company still has many branches sprout along the way.

We were pleased to have Thanos Korombilias as the master of ceremony for the night who provided us with his humour and energy for the night.

The partners presented longevity awards to the members of the team who had been with the company for over 10 years. These people included Bethan Sewell, Eleftheria Daliana, Kanakis Karofyllakis, Vagelis Christofydis, Georgia Kachopoulou, Giorgos Lembidis and Vagelis Plevrakis.

The ceremony then proceeded to the Outstanding Contribution Awards which were given to Carla Price, Maria Thrapsaniotou, Panagiota Markou, Philipos Paterakis, Nikos Xeirakakis, Vagelis Plevrakis and Giorgos Lembidis.

Vagelis Plevrakis and Michalis Potaminakis were presented with the 5 star award for their contribution to the International Property award for Villa Aurora in Tsifliki Village and Giorgos Lebidis was given his award for his work on Villa Emotion in Elounda.
Giorgos Gounalakis presented to the families of dear collogues who have passed, commemorative awards which show our appreciation as a company and as friends to those dear friends who are unfortunately no longer with us. We honour Vassilis Afordakos, Manolis Plakantonaki and Giorgos Tzagarakis.

The final award of the night was presented to Lough and Mary Callahan who were Europlan’s first paying customers. Mary Callahan accepted the award and gave a wonderful speech about our employees being talented, tenacious and always giving their time.
Before showing our company video and proceeding to the music, the Europlan employees had one final surprise for the partners of the company. Vagelis Plevrakis presented to the three partners a specially designed structure created by Pantelis Sotiriadis for the occasion. A tree with the important 20 landmark at the peak and buildings sculpted into the branches. A symbol of the company’s growth throughout the years, its aptitude to expand and its mentality that the “sky is the limit”.

The night continued with music, dancing and a feast for all. All employees were presented with a Christmas surprise from the partners which not only benefit the employees but also the local economy. All the employees would like to say a big thank you and congratulations to Giorgos, Michalis and Yannis for a great party and celebration. We all look forwards to the next 20 years with EUROPLAN!





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