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Friday, 30 November 2018

BIG puts "the park back in ballpark" with grass-roofed stadium for Oakland A's

Oakland A stadium by BIG
Danish firm BIG has released visuals for a new baseball stadium in Oakland, California, and a separate masterplan to redevelop the city's Coliseum sports ground.

The ballpark will provide a new home for the Oakland Athletics Major League Baseball (MLB) team – also known as the Oakland A's sited at Oakland's harbourside Howard Terminal.

Oakland A's stadium by BIG
BIG's stadium for the Oakland A's baseball team aims to bring fans as close to the home plate as possible
The stadium design includes an undulating roofline topped with a grassy park, which will offer views of the water and street below.

"Our design for the A's new home at the heart of Oakland's revitalised waterfront seeks to return the game to its roots as the natural meeting place for the local community," said BIG founder Bjarke Ingels.

Oakland A's stadium by BIG
The park-topped structure will open onto a public promenade along the waterfront
Stadium seating for 27,000 will rise up the angled sides of the structure, framing the bowl and bringing spectators as close to the home plate as possible.
On top, the elevated park – complete with trees and a winding pathway – will provide standing space for 10,000 additional fans, and meet the ground at the waterfront.

Oakland A's stadium by BIG
The site at Howard Terminal will also include cafes, shops, offices, gyms and residences
"We are bringing the 'park' back in 'ballpark'," said Ingels. "An elevated treelined promenade frames the ballpark on all sides, dipping down to meet the public square, and open the field to the water and city views."
Triangular buildings will be constructed to face the remaining three sides of the stadium. Behind, a series of lower structures will feature similar shapes and slanted rooflines – altogether housing a diverse programme will include space for new cafes, shops, offices, gyms and residences.

"The square block sits neatly within the extended urban fabric of Oakland, transforming concourse into street and concessions into restaurants," said a project description from BIG. "We ensure the ballpark, and the park that sits atop it, is active even on the 284 non-game days."
The studio's plans for the Bay Area city also include the redevelopment of the existing Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum – a 20-minute drive south of the new stadium site, where the A's currently play.

Oakland A's stadium by BIG
BIG also released a masterplan for the A's current home at the Oakland Coliseum
The Coliseum area will be redesigned with sports areas, and residential and educational developments, while paying homage to its athletic history.
"The Oracle Arena will be repurposed as an events centre, while the field of the Coliseum will remain as a vestige of the previous era – with the lower bowl integrated into the landscape like an ancient amphitheatre," BIG said.

Oakland A's stadium by BIG
The sports heritage of the Coliseum area will be retained as part of the area's redevelopment
The existing below-grade baseball field will meet a grassy area, with a handful of soccer fields and courts completing the park area.
Two residential complexes and a shopping development will be built nearby, on lots previously dedicated to parking. Other areas will be designated for a tech campus, and a separate science and technology university.

Oakland A's stadium by BIG
Residential and retail spaces will be created close to a new tech campus and a science university
"At the heart we create a new resilient central park for East Oakland, anchored by the two focal points of Oakland sports history," said BIG.
While the Oakland A's won't be moving far, the Oakland Raiders NFL team is relocating to Las Vegas, where a 65-seat stadium was proposed to entice them.
BIG has also designed sports venues in two other US cities: a chequerboard-covered complex for concerts and rodeos in Austin, Texas, and a stadium for the Washington Redskins in DC.

"Breathtaking" off-grid Lochside House wins RIBA House of the Year 2018

House of the Year 2018: Lochside House by HaysomWardMiller Architects
A humble cottage on the edge of a lake in the Scottish Highlands has been named as the UK's best house of 2018.

Lochside House, a cottage designed by Haysom Ward Millar Architects, was chosen from a shortlist of seven projects to win the RIBA House of the Year prize.
The announcement was made during the final episode of the Channel 4 television series Grand Designs: House of the Year this evening.

House of the Year 2018: Lochside House by HaysomWardMiller Architects
Cambridge-based Haysom Ward Millar Architects designed the property as the home for a ceramic artist.

Made up of three humble buildings, the house is crafted from natural materials that complement its scenic location.

House of the Year 2018: Lochside House by HaysomWardMiller Architects
Charred Scottish larch clads the building's exterior, which is shielded behind a traditional drystone wall. Inside is bright but pared-back, with highlights including ceilings lined in oiled timber, a focal fireplace and large windows framing views of the lake and mountains.
The house is also off-grid – it produces its own electricity from solar panels, and sources clean water from its own borehole.

House of the Year 2018: Lochside House by HaysomWardMiller Architects
RIBA president Ben Derbyshire described the house as "the perfect addition to this dream landscape".
"Lochside House is truly breathtaking," he said.
"By containing its scale, sensitively positioning the crop of buildings on a promontory around established trees, and making use of local materials, HaysomWardMiller have created a home which perfectly responds to its exposed, unique location."

House of the Year 2018: Lochside House by HaysomWardMiller Architects
The house was chosen for RIBA House of the Year by a panel of judges made up of architects Takero Shimazaki, Niall Maxwell and Chantal Wilkinson, curator and journalist Laura Mark, and engineer Paul Rogatzki.
Shimazaki described the building as "a well-designed home that is an example of humble, grounded, contextual yet powerful architecture that people can aspire to and be inspired by".

House of the Year 2018: Lochside House by HaysomWardMiller Architects
"It is astonishing that the remoteness and challenging weather did not prevent the client's vision being achieved," he said. "The architect's off-grid solution seems almost effortless."
"Inside, the spaces merge with the artist owner's art collection, and there is an overwhelming sense of comfort, warmth and homeliness."

House of the Year 2018: Lochside House by HaysomWardMiller Architects
Lochside House was one of 20 houses that featured in the Grand Designs: House of the Year series.
Over the four-week run, the list was whittled down to a shortlist of seven. These included Old Shed New House, a house built in the framework of an old barn by Tonkin Liu, and Red House, a London terrace property featuring a decorative relief facade by 31/44 Architects.

House of the Year 2018: Lochside House by HaysomWardMiller Architects
Previous winners of the prize include a "box of tricks" house in Edinburgh and a Norfolk country house clad in pieces of flint.
Photography is by Richard Fraser.

#Отпускпообмену: изысканное шато во Франции

Исторические сооружения, подобные Château de Villette, обычно воспринимаются как музеи, где мебель стоит за ограждениями, а за порядком следит смотритель. Но здесь все по-другому: роскошную усадьбу можно арендовать в The Heritage Collectionдля отдыха или особых мероприятий и примерить на себя образ знатных особ.

Шато де Виллет было построено во времена правления Людовика XIV — оно было олицетворением величественного и элегантного французского классицизма. Изначально в нем жила семья королевского посла графа Ауффлая, а позднее там поселился маркиз де Кондорсе с женой Софией. Вместе они устраивали здесь светские вечера, куда приглашали интеллектуалов и выдающихся политиков, таких как Томас Джефферсон и Бенджамин Франклин.

Строгость фасада шато противопоставляется его роскошному интерьеру. В отделке использованы белоснежный мрамор, бронза и позолота — материалы, наиболее ярко передающие красоту французского стиля.

Для того чтобы восстановить старинные интерьеры, владельцы Château de Villette пригласили французского декоратора Жака Гарсию. Он вернул столовой первоначальный голубой цвет, который скрывался под семью слоями краски. Благородный оттенок стен дизайнер гармонично дополнил бархатным синим диваном XVIII века и коллекцией китайских фарфоровых ваз.
Парижская квартира декоратора Жака Гарсиа

У каждой комнаты уникальный дизайн: в музыкальной преобладают цветочные узоры, шелк и позолота, в спальне — красный бархат, а в ванной — оникс и мрамор.

В реконструированном шато есть семь роскошных апартаментов с ванными комнатами и еще семь спален, расположенных в восточном крыле. Кроме того, в распоряжении гостей оранжерея, винный пресс XVI века и даже часовня. На территории площадью более 75 гектаров находятся ухоженные сады со скульптурами XVIII века, а также озера и леса, где можно гулять или кататься на лошадях.