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Friday, 11 January 2019

Bedrock House by Idis Turato in Croatia

Bedrock House by Idis Turato in Croatia
Turato Architects has built an angular white house, informed by the work of a four artists including David Hockey and Richard Serra, on the island of Krk, Croatia.

Bedrock House by Idis Turato in Croatia
Located in Brzac, Bedrock House comprises two buildings embedded into a fold in the limestone hillside, which Turato Architects linked with exaggerated walls and misaligned overhanging roofs.

The layout divides the house into "private and public" zones, while prioritising views out to the Adriatic sea and complementing the topography of the hillside.

Bedrock House by Idis Turato in Croatia
"Bedrock House was built on artist Richard Serra's work Shift and numerous drawings by the painter Oton Gliha, as well as the motifs of David Hockney and the principles of the architect Pierre Koenig" explained the Croatian architecture studio.
"The house also absorbs the natural context into which it is placed: the Mediterranean landscape, the topography of the ground, the unobstructed vista of the sea, and employs them as generators of a specific architecture."

Bedrock House by Idis Turato in Croatia
The "public" volume, located on east side of the plot, has a large open-plan living and dining area that opens out onto a spacious patio and swimming pool.
Meanwhile two ensuite bedrooms occupy the more private building on the west, which has been slightly elevated and angled away from the poolside.

Both bedrooms have their own entrance on the north facing facade, which is windowless and designed to blend in with the neighbouring woods.

Bedrock House by Idis Turato in Croatia
Bedrock House is made from concrete, steel and glass, and clad in travertine – a type of limestone designed to relate to the limestone rock within which the house is embedded.
The interiors are minimally furnished to cater for a flexible space, and is fitted out with a mix of classic, white furniture including Mies Van der Rohe loungers, Eames chairs, and Chesterfield sofas.

Interiors of Bedrock House by Idis Turato in Croatia
Turato Architects was founded by Croatian architect Idis Turato, who designed Nest and Cave house, where one floor dramatically overhangs the other to overlook the sea in the Opatija Riviera.
In 2015 his practice completed another house on the island of Krk, which is elevated above a tree canopy and features a swimming pool atop a big concrete plinth.
Photography is by Bosnić+Dorotić unless stated.


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