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Monday, 7 January 2019

We Made That adds bright red metal extension to London library

East Street Exchange by We Made That
A red corrugated aluminium extension, named East Street Exchange, has been added to a 1960s library in south east London, to give it "a new lease of life".
Created as part of We Made That's full renovation of the East Street Library in Walworth, the striking red structure is designed to contrast with the existing building.
East Street Exchange will be a flexible public space, and provide a "much-needed" affordable meeting space for community groups in the area.
East Street Exchange by We Made That
"Located at a significant civic corner, East Street Library is a well-used public library facing underinvestment ahead of long-term relocation proposals. It was identified that much more could be achieved with just a little more space," explained We Made That.
"The bright red extension pokes out into the street from the existing building and appears markedly different from its surroundings to suggest the new functions contained within."
East Street Exchange by We Made That
The striking red facade of East Street Exchange was created using anodised aluminium. Anodisation is a chemical process that makes aluminium more durable, and allows it to be dyed a different colour.
It is topped by a perforated tower that can be illuminated at night, creating a beacon during out-of-hours use and making the library stand out from a distance.
We Made That also punctured the extension with a large corner window, glazed doors and internal screens that maximise daylight within the space, while creating a connection with the street.
Interiors of East Street Exchange by We Made That
The interiors of East Street Exchange comprise two rooms that are fitted out with bespoke flat-pack furniture, which can be tucked away or stowed upon pegboard walls to make space for alternative setups and functions.
Each room is complete with an minimal, industrial finish, with hanging lights and red detailing that match the facade.
Interiors of East Street Exchange by We Made That
We Made That also refurbished the existing library by adding publicly accessible toilets and reconfiguring the original layout – moving shelving and obstructions away from windows, allowing in more light and making it feel more spacious.


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